2016 rok publikacji
numer wydania: 1/1/2016 artykuły
Tadeusz Graca
tytuł: Introduction
Maryna Tereshchenko
tytuł: Intercultural communication as a source of professional competences for innovative activity
Naziya Zhanpeissova, Zhaiyk Sultan
tytuł: The Concept of Islam in Kazakh Mindset: Description of Linguistic and Cognitive Experiment
Violetta Ulishchenko
tytuł: Compliance with the principles of intersubjectivity in education as key to the development of critical thinking of schoolchildren
Inna Vanovska
tytuł: Patriotism and spirituality at the present stage in ukrainian education
Kateryna Babikova
tytuł: Postgraduate training of the specialists in tourism sector
Andriy Ulishchenko
tytuł: Personal and Professional Development of an Academic Teacher in the Context of the Lifelong Education
Svitlana Zdragat
tytuł: The issue of quality in the implementation of the inclusive education conception: evaluation approach
Galina Ostrovska
tytuł: Axiological component of teacher training (the teachers of literature in particular)
Tetyana Machaca
tytuł: Cultural and creative potential of technological education content of the secondary scool pupils
Natalia Skrynnik
tytuł: Peculiarities of the experiment with the use of Cloud-Oriented technologies within the environment “1 student – 1 computer” at the lessons of Ukrainian literature
Ganna Kashyna
tytuł: Development of information competence of the teacher technology in postgraduate education
Halyna Bijchuk
tytuł: Electronic textbook: designing and application in terms of personal and competence-based training
Paweł Sitek
tytuł: Wstęp do wielowymiarowego modelowania strategii wyborów portfela papierów wartościowych